Hi ghouls and welcome! My name is Ginna Kae and I'm an Illustrator that turned my artwork into cosmetics line. As a previous makeup artist at MAC cosmetics I've always had a massive love for the makeup industry. Of course my first love was drawing and painting, but I always wanted to find a way to merge my passion for art and makeup together. 

The Spooky Girl characters I've been creating for years were actually inspired by the concept of a makeup face chart. I thought this idea would be perfect as a concept for an eyeshadow palette - featuring the character with the colors that correspond with her color scheme and eye makeup. Which thus began the idea of Spooky Girl Cosmetics.

After this concept of palettes grew, I began thinking about other staple items that could complete the cosmetic line - of course a matte black lipstick, big fluffy lashes, and thick eyeliner just like each of my Spooky Girl drawings.

Spooky Girl Cosmetics currently offers 8 eyeshadow palettes, 5 long wear liquid lipsticks, false lashes, and liquid eyeliner. Stay tuned for more spooky and exciting products to come!

All my artwork related items can be found on www.ginnakae.com 🖤

For wholesale inquiries please contact spookygirlcosmetix@gmail.com